God’s Making Diamonds Out of Us!

Though I am sure the analogy has been made countless times, I was reminded of its truth again upon hearing this song performed by Hawk Nelson. Investigation reveals that “in order for diamonds to form, a temperature of over 1000 degrees Celsius and very high pressure is required.”  Difficult to imagine that such a thing of beauty can be formed in these adverse circumstances. Research says that diamonds, which are formed in the depths of the earth, are brought close to the earth’s surface through deep volcanic eruptions.

The process which brings about a sparkly, shining diamond is a violent, difficult one. In comparison, God uses some of the most violent, difficult times in our lives, times we don’t think we can possibly survive, to make us into a beautiful object of His love. As Beth Moore says, “there is purification in persecution.”  That process of purification, the pressure, the darkness,  the extreme heat, are all elements that contribute to a divine shaping of us into the diamond He planned all along for us to be. Don’t fight this process in your life. Trust that God has a plan for you, a hope and a future.  The molding and shaping are often an uncomfortable process, but, OH, when He is finished with us how we will shine light into the darkness of this world for Him! To God Be the Glory!


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