What Story Does Your Life Tell?

On Friday night of the KLOVE awards weekend, the group Big Daddy Weave took the stage.  During the time they were leading in worship, lead vocalist and guitarist Mike Weaver asked for prayer for his brother.   He mentioned an infection which antibiotics were beginning to have success in stopping.  Little did we know until the following week that at that point Mike knew that his brother, Jay, who is the band’s bass player and vocalist would be losing one of his feet.

The band’s time leading worship and bringing  glory to God was not compromised despite this heartbreaking news. Through what I can only see as the grace of God, the band leaned into their faith in Him during this night.

When the time came for the band to go onstage at the actual Sunday Awards Night, news had come that Jay would lose both of his feet.  How grieved Mike and the band must have been about this news. Yet, in what must have been an extra measure of God’s grace, they went onstage to sing “If I Told You My Story.” They did not share a story of despair, but one of the victory that we have in Christ our Savior.

Our lives are full of stories…good ones and bad ones. This song speaks of the hope, love, mercy, and grace that God pours into our lives despite the narrative of the story.  He is always by our side, and so very often those stories of pain can be used to share and encourage others if we train ourselves to look for God in the writing of His story for our lives.

God was not surprised by this situation, nor any trials that you have in life.  They are a part of the story God had for you all along.  Look to Him for his direction in all that life brings your way.  Your story could make a world of difference in the life of someone who needs to know Christ. Share your story every chance you get, because if God is in control of your life there will be an overtone of victory in every aspect of it.

Pray for Jay, for Mike and the members of this band. God will use the testimony that comes from this terrible time to bring glory to Himself.

Give your problems to God and be willing to allow Him to use them to the furtherance of His Kingdom as He writes your story. Then share the victory you have in Him through these stories every chance you get. The world so needs to hear it! To God Be the Glory!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”       (Romans 8:28)

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