Satan Is Hard At Work

“Be sober, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a hungry lion, seeking someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

By simply watching a few minutes of the news or reading an article on your smart phone, the discord permeating our country is obvious. The 2017 Presidential Election and the months leading up to it have been a major breeding ground for this unrest. The battles have not only been Republican against Democrat. The war has infiltrated friendships and family relationships as each person fights to prove their views the most correct.

Property has been destroyed, people have been injured, arrests have been made. At this point in time, we are not “One nation under God.” We are a divided nation slowly tearing itself apart, and for what…to change what cannot be changed, to gloat over victory.  To me, it is clear that Satan and his minions are having a party stirring up this atmosphere of dissension.  The roaring lion is on the prowl!

I totally understand that people on both sides of the political parties have their hard and fast ideas of how this country should be run.  I witness everyday on the news that these same people are fearful and angry, and these emotions are spreading like a cancer.

Our Constitution validates the president who is in office, but more important is God’s plan for this nation. If people could rest in the knowledge that God is Sovereign and in charge of the results of this election, the count, whether popular vote or electoral college, would not be the topic of endless arguments.

If we as a nation converted the energy consumed in battles precipitated by fear and anger into trust and faith in God, perhaps the war would cease. Perhaps Satan’s battle plan would fail instead of our success as a nation.

For everyone tirelessly fighting for your cause on either side of the fray, there is an answer that can bring you peace. God and God alone!  Whatever your concern, your fear, your discontent, take it to Him. Despite the unrest surrounding your daily lives, you can find peace in Him. Maybe the world isn’t what you think it should be. However, remember there is a much higher authority who had a plan before the beginning of time for you and this country. And all will go as He planned despite our thoughts on the matter. And His plans are good because we are his children and He loves us.

Perhaps we could take that which rises up inside of us with the next news cycle and give it to God, the creator of the universe. What rest and peace would be found for our minds and bodies. Defeat Satan with that peace.  He knows his time on earth is drawing to a close. Stop him in his tracks. “Seek the LORD and His strength; seek His face continually.” (I Chronicles 16:11)

Remember, we can’t share the love of Christ with those who need it when we are weaponized with hatred, self-absorbed, and fighting to win no matter the cost . “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you.” (John 13:34) Defeat this distraction of the enemy. Time for each of us to be a part of the solution. Reach across the aisle and rekindle relationships before the divide is too great. Put politics to the side and see a person created by God who deserves your love and prayers.  Time for mending. To God Be the Glory!

2 thoughts on “Satan Is Hard At Work

  1. Patricia

    So glad you are back writing again. I have missed it. No matter how bad the situation is NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR GOD OR A SUPRISE. LOVE YOU.


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