In the Flood or the Fire…HOPE!


In each of our lives we experience storms…some more devastating than others…all opportunities to grow our faith if we allow Jesus to guide us through them. What Satan wishes we would do instead is lose all hope. Hopelessness can become like quicksand. When I watched Tarzan, the black and white version, I  became terrified that one day I might fall into quicksand. (That happened quite often in the Tarzan’s jungle neighborhood!)

And what happens when you are in quicksand? The harder you wiggle and squirm to get out on your own, the deeper you sink! Hopelessness feels like that and let me tell you straight up Satan is not going to throw you the life saving rope. Jesus will! And He won’t let go. He will be your Savior, your shelter through the storm, your healer from the pain, and the restorer of your soul…of your HOPE!

The words of the song below beautifully describe that God-given hope, no matter what the circumstances.  Friend, keep your eyes on Him and once again live in the hope that is yours for the asking. You can also find a free printable with encouraging  words from this song on the Freebies page. To God Be The Glory!

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