Just Say “JESUS!”

Surely it’s not Monday already! Where did the weekend go? Weekends always seem to fly by while the weeks drag on. You know the routine. On Mondays, your kids are more resistant to the idea of getting up and going to school…at least mine were! I remember Ben on several occasions chasing me down the driveway in his underwear because he refused to get ready and I had to get Miriam to school on time. Toss to Eddy for back-up!

The excitement of Friday becomes the reality of the grind on Monday when facing a week of work and the million other things you have on your calendar.  Once you leave work, you hop in your car to chauffeur your children to after school activities, cook supper, and help out with homework.  Sometimes you wake up daunted before your feet ever hit the floor, head spinning.

Without purposeful planning, time with Jesus sometimes gets lost in the frenzy that begins our days. What a comfort to know that we can still cry out to him for help when the morning  devotionals go unread and extended prayer times are out of the question until the house quiets down at night. All we have to do is whisper, speak or scream out the name of JESUS!

He knows your needs, He loves you and He is always at your side ready to help with whatever the moment or the day brings.  You better believe I was saying (possibly screaming) Jesus” when Ben was running down the driveway half-naked!

The Bible says in 1 Chronicles 16:11, “Look to the LORD and His strength; seek His face always.”

1 Thessalonians states, ” Be joyful always, pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Giving thanks in all circumstances becomes easier with practice.  (Even in the driveway underwear moments!) So if we break it down, this can become our game plan for the day.  As the song says, “When you don’t know what to say…just say Jesus.” Then praise Him in advance for His response to your need. God loves to hear the praises of His people and your praise exhibits faith in His ability to minister to you in the moment.

I am including a 6×4 printable for you to download and place where you can see it during the day. Click on Freebies to find that. And perhaps this song will ring out in your mind when you need a little reminder.  Have a great Monday and a great week! To God Be the Glory!


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