Another Unbelievable God Wink

God’s timing is always perfect. He knows the best and the worst of what we are going through each day, even when it concerns a beloved pet. He knows about the specials things we love that minister to our souls when life is going crazy bad. God often scatters these special comforts along the way to remind us of His presence and never-failing love. Yesterday, He did that again for me, and I call them God winks.

We received word yesterday that our dog, Max, has cancer. Now I know he is just a dog, but he is a very special little fellow given to me at a time of great loneliness.  He has provided countless daily smiles, made us laugh and love, and been a friend when I felt like I had none. He has been our empty nest child who chewed up my Crocs as a puppy… only the left shoe of several pairs mind you. Perhaps he was attempting to save me from a fashion faux pas. My daughter certainly thought so!

As my tears fell, Max decided he wanted to go outside. Just four steps into the grass was this beautiful Tiger Swallowtail butterfly seemingly stuck to the ground. I rushed back inside to get my camera praying it would be there when I returned. I am a lover of all butterflies and I wanted to document this perfectly timed God wink. I wanted you to witness first hand His faithfulness.

I have never seem a butterfly shiver, but this one was. I am sure it was must have wondered why its presence was required on such a cold day certainly too early in the season for butterflies to be out and about. It sat completely stationary (except for the shivering) for a series of seven photos before flying away.

Only God could have arranged that moment… the moment when Max needed to go outside, the direction he walked, and the sighting of this butterfly just minutes before it flew away. This was not a coincidence. It was a moment of comfort, a gift from God and a reminder of His presence through this time. I was praising through the tears and the photo shoot.  It’s a wonder any of the pictures were correctly focused!

God does these things for you, too.  Purposefully look for him in your every day moments, through the good and the bad.  He’s there for you with your own specially tailored God winks!  When you see them, praise God for His steadfast love and presence. What a comforter! What a wonderful Father we have! To God Be the Glory!

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