Hills and Valleys

Whether you find yourself on a hill or in the lowest part of the valley, rest in knowing that God  is right there beside you. There is respect and praise that can be afforded in either location. If you are on the hilltops, you may be tempted to take your eyes off Christ and mistakenly believe that you are responsible for the view.  From the high places, never forget that you are there by the grace of God. The glory is not yours.  Praise is the best response to mountaintop experiences, not pride.

There are also lessons to be learned in the valleys, and opportunities to feel the presence of God like you never have before. He bestows grace when we are overcome by tears, despair and marching toward a full on meltdown. Be still and feel His hand holding yours as He “restores your soul.” (Psalm 23:3)

There is cool water and green pastures in the valley where we can rest in God’s arms in the most difficult of times. Praise in the valley is just as important as it is on the hilltops. Praise Him for His love, His Presence and His promise of Heaven where one day we will see His face. Look for what God wants you to learn in the midst of the pain. He never wastes a hurt.

The song “Hills and Valleys” by Tauren Wells is such a beautiful reminder of all of this.  Enjoy the song and God bless.  To God Be the Glory!

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