A Grace Filled Day

                                                    Indeed, we have all received grace after grace
                                                    from His fullness.     John 1:15 (HCSB)

     Please indulge me for a moment as I give you a bit of background for today’s post.  Yesterday I awakened to what seemed an impossible day to pull off.  The day before had included a doctor appointment, two shots, and a prescription for antibiotics. Though I had seemed to elude it all through the worst of the winter, the “crud” had finally caught up with me. Though being sick never happens at a good time, this was particularly untimely for me.
     Yesterday, I had accompany Ben to an appointment with his doctor where he would be told that his gallbladder had to be removed.  With every test and needle stick for the past six weeks, he had become more anxious and fearful of the length of the next needle and the possibility of being “cut open.”  As I drove off in the pouring down rain, tired from a night of very little sleep, and feeling rather lousy, I wondered how I would ever make it through the day at hand. How would I have the physical strength but even more importantly the emotional strength that Ben would need me to have for him?
     I knew that all I needed to manage the day would have to come from God because I did not have it in me. I turned on my CD of piano instrumental music, which tends to calm me, and began a prayer that would last the entire forty-five minute ride I had to make. I knew what I needed and began to petition God for that very thing.  I needed an extra measure of grace to carry me through the day, grace that would give me the strength, despite how I actually felt, to bring a calmness to Ben when the word “surgery” was mentioned.
     There was much dicussion and many questions to be answered after leaving Ben’s appointment with the surgeon and heading to the hospital for, yes, another needle stick to have blood drawn in preparation.  However, with every question and the unfolding events of the day, I felt God’s grace for the moments at hand. With Ben, a good meal at a Mexican restaurant always makes life better, and as he relaxed I could see that God was also showering a grace of calmness on Ben.  Despite the fact that the rain never ceased and in view of all that had happened, the day ended well.
     God, through His grace, had given me a supernatural energy and presence of mind needed to make it through the day despite my sickness. As I drove home, still in pouring down rain, I again turned on my CD and began to pray a prayer of thanksgiving to God for His gift to me that day. We all have these days, these moments in time when we don’t have any idea how we will get through the day, the issue, the moment at hand. It is then that we have a choice to make.  Will we try to muddle through in our own waning strength and power, or will we look to God for what we need to tackle the situation?  Will we ask for an extra measure of grace, for His strength and guidance in the situaion? 
     I have shared so much of my day yesterday just to show you what God did for me on a day I was deperately in need of His help.  The same outcome is there for you.  It means you may have to quit running the ball down the field by yourself and pass it off to God to make the way.  Those times come more often than we like to admit in the hectic, fast paced world we live in.  There is no way we can possibly do it all on our own and we don’t have to. God is there, just a prayer away with the grace required for your day filled with what seems like nothing but impossibilities. Just take time to share your needs with Him and ask.  He will not disappoint, and who knows what testimony you will have to share at the end of your day!

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