In a Fog

     Today was the perfect napping Sunday afternoon in the South.  A steady rain was falling, and the clouds provided the optimum degree of darkness for settling in and snoozing. Not being a napper myself, I was motoring around the house both inside and out taking care of some things.  Mid-afternoon, I noticed a light layer of fog beginning to creep across the lake behind our house. Of course, I grabbed my camera for a quick snapshot just for the heck of it. Not thirty minutes later, I was outside again and the fog was so thick I couldn’t even see the lake or much else around me for that matter. That scene hit me like a brick.  It was a snapshot of a couple of my days recently.
     I dare say we all own this photo somewhere.  It is not one you like to pull out and look at or share with friends and family. The scene doesn’t evoke fond memories, much to the contrary. Fog in movies and literature usually sets the scene for something unexpected or frightening to happen, and then, low and behold, it does. A fog settled in quickly on my life of late catching me totally off guard and unable to see my way over, under, around or through it.  All I could see was the darkness. All I could feel was total panic and despair. For a short while, all I could do was collapse under the seeming weight that fog doesn’t even possess. 
     Thrown off kilter by it all, I was unable to collect my mind to find words for a prayer to God, but I was able to sing songs of praise to Him in my car and in my head. You see, from the first forming of the fog, I knew that this was an attack brought on by Satan, one of many that has tried to whittle away at my resolve to trust God in all things here of late. I was a bit battle fatigued, and had the wind knocked out of my sails.  I felt like I was dead in the water, but deep inside I knew better.
     Though it seemed I was alone, I knew I was not.  God was there in the fog right by my side.  All I had to do was call His name, and wait for Him to lead me through this, to defeat Satan in it. The older I get, the stronger my resolve that I will not allow Satan to discourage me to the point that I leave this world without having fulfilled God’s purpose for my life.  I am determined that God has the victory, and He is given the glory He deserves.
     On the second day of foggy living, I felt a gentle breeze began to fill my listless sails. The light of God, which cannot be blotted out, slowly began to pierce the thick covering. I was never alone.  He was always there with me, right by my side leading me through that time and teaching me more about Him in it.  As the light of His love shone more brightly, my spirits began to lift and my prayers flowed because hopelessness had been defeated.
     Don’t give up if you find yourself in a similar fog of your own, full of pain and despair.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Whatever it is and though you can’t seem to find God in it, He is right by your side. Look for the light of His love and presence to lead you through it in His grace and mercy. If you happen to be there right now, cry out to Him, move toward the sound of his still small voice. He will hear you! Don’t give up and decide to reside in the darkness.  What a waste of your life making yourself at home there.  God has a purpose and a plan for you as well!  Don’t waste any more time sitting in the fog.  Seek His light and plan for your life and, as in my case, the fog will dissipate and  life will again be exciting and worth living.  To God be the glory!

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