Testimony of Provision

   Unworthy. Amazed. Thankful. These adjectives all describe how I have felt over the past several weeks as a result of God’s provision.  And by provision, finances were only part of the equation. Provision has meant a friend at an unexpected place at just the right time. It has meant doctors providing emergency appointments at almost closing time. And, financially it has meant God providing almost exactly the amount of money we lacked, at a time when we needed it the most. 

     I will expound only lightly on the above because my particular situation is not of great importance.  What’s vital is that you understand how God will do for you as He has done for me because of His great love for us. 
     My sweet husband hurt his back on the job and was unable to work for three (THREE!) weeks.  Praise God I have a job, but my paycheck alone would not cover our monthly expenses. This takes place as we were gathering the last of the funds needed to send our daughter on an eminent week long study abroad trip. And, to further muddy the water, our son ended up in an emergency room with an abscessed tooth and an allergic reaction to one of the medicines administered. Can you say root canal?
     God provided a precious friend for me just as this “Perfect Storm” of events reduced me to tears in the very public midway at Wal Mart. I’m not talking about down one of the smaller, more appropriate “chatty” aisles.  I’m talking about in the middle of Wal Mart, there before God and everyone. As the tears began to flow, I was given a shoulder to cry on (literally), a listening ear, and a prayer partner.  I was oblivious to anyone and everything around me.  I was so thankful for God’s perfect timing and so very blessed to have you there, Linda! Thank you!
     Wait there is more to come!  A surprise escrow overage, an anonymous donation, money from family (Miriam and I both had birthdays amidst all this), and finding an error (my error, but in our favor) in our checkbook calculations all provided what we needed to pay our bills. And, as with the loaves and fishes, there was money to spare!
     I could kick myself for being so surprised!  God did just as He promises in His Word. (Matt. 6:28-34) And, as I breathed a sigh for the load that had been lifted, there was one final gift. This gift, which I carry with me today, is an increase in my faith in Him as He has proven Himself faithful. God had answered prayers that I was almost too overcome to pray, (thank you Holy Spirit for interceding on my behalf).  As the whirlwind of events slows down, all I can do is Praise His name for His provision every step of the way as I retrace the events that occurred.
     No matter who you are or what your situation, you are not unworthy as I sometimes am tempted by Satan to think.  God is waiting to be there for you whatever the situation.  You have but to ask, believe, and wait for Him to meet you in your time of need. He is only a prayer away. To God be the Glory!      


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