Uniquely You

     God created us and placed each of us on this earth as very unique and individual creatures.  When (not if!) He bestows blessings upon you, these blessings are most likely specifically tailored to what will speak most to your heart and life. Bear with me as I give a few examples of  some of my most recent blessings. 

   This summer our family has had two nestings of bluebirds, baby ducklings paddling around in the lake behind us, and a nest of wren eggs laid and hatched in one of my husband’s tennis shoes. With the arrival of another summer, I have revisited the nearby sunflower fields in full bloom, a cast of thousands declaring God’s glory as they stretch their heads toward heaven. Probably doesn’t sound like much to you and that makes sense. However, for me, all these were gifts, blessings, that brought me joy through observing God in nature.  And, of course, all of this was right up my photography alley!! He knew how thrilled I would be because He made me. He knows me inside and out. How I have felt His love!


     God knows what thrills your soul just the same.  Certainly in His love for you, God is sending blessings specifically meant for you that have nothing to do with flowers or birds (or butterflies!) but everything to do with what brings you joy. Now think about that for a moment.  What would your blessings be packaged as? This is the part where you have to slow your mind down long enough to find the answer to that question. Do you find your “blessings” still wrapped in packages, left unopen because you have not taken the time. Are they right in front of your eyes and all around you?

      God is waiting to see the smile on your face and the sparkle in your eyes as you receive what was meant exclusively for you, not just occasionally but with each day. Rip open those packages! Feel His love, and praise your Heavenly Father who has gift wrapped daily blessings just for you. Start looking now!  To God Be the Glory!

     Sorry!  Just had to slip in another butterfly picture! This is a glass winged butterfly.  God is so cool!!

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