Orange Feet Flopping!

     There is a smile on my face every morning when the ducks on the small lake behind our house begin quacking excitedly as I approach with their much anticipated breakfast of cracked corn. The cadence of a duck is most often described as a waddle.  Well, let me testify that the ducks in my back yard can flat out run! What a sight, thus the smile.

     God must been in an creatively humorous mood when He spoke ducks into existence. When was the last time you actually took in the total appearance of a duck.  Granted the males get the beautiful colors that shimmer in the sunshine, but then, male or female, they have these bright orange webbed feet. And when they have a purpose, such as being first to reach the corn, those orange feet are determinedly traveling in fast motion toward the goal. They may not be the most graceful and beautiful in the process, but they are as God created them.
      We are each uniquely as God created us, and we too have a purpose. It is much more than getting to the corn first, of course. Our purpose is God given and one we should be striving toward every minute of every day because there we find joy and bring honor to God.  Let me encourage you to run toward that “sweet spot” carved out just for you with your proverbial orange feet flopping, determined to reach the prize.  Let me assure you that God will be there smiling, meeting your every need in the moment.  To God Be the Glory!

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