And the Winner Is…

     Tonight a large majority of the television viewing audience will be watching the Academy Awards as golden “Oscar” trophies are handed out to the best and brightest of the film making industry. Excitement over the nomination alone has been a much garnered moment in the lives of the nominated.  Being in this prestigious few is already recognition of their talents and hard labor. But to win! Surely that will be the pinnacle of many a man and woman’s career as they hold their coveted award, giving accolades to those who have help them reach this moment in time… the lists are long.  Usually mentioned are mom and dad, my wife, my husband, and sometimes even God.
     From there the rest of the night will be a whirlwind of interviews, parties, and congratulations.  Surely it feels like floating on air. Over the next several weeks there will be interviews on morning shows, late night shows and magazines. Then, finally things will slow down a bit and return to some semblance of order. The initial excitement will have past.  Then something may catch them off guard and resurface. And what might that be?  An awareness of the emptiness that had been momentarily filled by hearing their name called out above the other candidates, by the applause, and the attention showered  upon them. A void that was temporarily filled by the golden statute on the mantel.  For those who do not know Jesus Christ, a void that has never successfully been filled by anything for any length of time for only He can do that.
     By no means take from this that I think all associated with the film industry are lost and have no relationship with Christ.  I am not here to judge but to make a correlation with this example.  They are humans just like us and we share much likeness to them.  We all have or have had our own “Oscar moments”  when we have allowed something that seemed more fulfilling, noteworthy and exciting to bump God off the throne of our hearts and become heir to that throne.  And the reign of whatever we have attempted to replaced God with may endure for a while, but it will always come to an end. That is because of the temporary nature of our false idol and the fact that God made us to find our completeness in Him alone. Is anything popping into your head that may fit this bill? What does your golden image look like? I have had more than a few in my lifetime and fight reaching for them still.
     How exhausting, expensive, and disappointing all our rivals for God’s throne have been, and not a one of them has left us with the peace and abundant filling that only He can supply. Give this some thought and inspect God’s throne in your life. Is God seated there or on the sidelines patiently waiting for you to give the reigns back to Him along with the love, applause of thanks and gratefulness of which He is worthy? Why not proceed with setting things right with the Lord in this moment. He is only a prayer away, and I can without a doubt assure you that whatever it is you need to” boot off the throne” will not be missed as you fear. God has exponentially more waiting to offer than anything we can conjure up. Bright lights and standing ovations for you, Jesus!  And the winner is… us on every level.  To God Be the Glory!

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