Stretched To the Limit


    As I looked out my kitchen window this week, I caught a glimpse of this little bird seed thief.  He was doing whatever it took to get what he wanted, even if it was awkward and uncomfortable. Look at those little toes hanging on for dear life as he stretched himself as far as possible.  Then I was reminded of a recent conversation with a group of people reminiscent of my squirrel as they, too, were stretched to their own limits. I was exhausted as I listened to lists of activities that seemed to fill every waking moment.
     There was a sadness in my heart after we parted. The conversation was initially centered around a ministry opportunity for which ultimately no one seemed to have the time. Aren’t we all guilty of that?  Too involved in our misdirected priorities.  Too eager to send Jesus to the back of the line to wait until we have an open appointment on our schedule somewhere between meetings and baseball practice and gymnastics. We live in such a frenetic society, always in motion because that seems to be the norm these days. If everyone else and their kids are doing it, then we should be, too. We don’t give it a second thought, much less a second of prayer as we fill our calendars.
     Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable time spent reading my posts. Now I ask you to sacrifice a bit more of your time to read “My Heart Christ’s Home.”  I promise it will be well worth the time spent.  We ask Jesus into our hearts, our lives, but do we give him full reign, even down to our scheduling of events.
    “The Living Room” portion of this story has caused me to hang my head many a time. Jesus sacrificed everything for us. Because He loves us, He craves sweet fellowship with us. Instead of quality time, we give him fleeting moments as we scurry on our way, a million different directions. He is saddened. We suffer and fall into a pattern of just existing, missing out on all that Jesus died to give us, the abundant life He has in store for us.
     Please follow the link below. Let Christ speak to you as you read.  And the next time you find yourself tallying up your “To Do” list to someone who is only waiting to trump you with theirs, listen to yourself.  Does Jesus or anything remotely connected with Him appear anywhere on the list? Don’t permit yourself to be stretched that far. Hope this has given you a little something to “chew on.” To God Be the Glory!

My Heart Christ’s Home link


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