Living on God’s Time

     Yesterday, I was privileged to have a special, new patient sit in my dental chair. Upon calling his name out into the waiting room, our eyes met.  Age made it difficult for him to easily rise from the couch on which he was seated. With my assistance, he made it to a standing position and held on as we slowly walked toward my hygiene room. With each explanation of what I was about to proceed with doing, he responded “this time” to my request for permission  As he said these words the slightest hint of a smile visited his face. I would give him a smile in return as I looked into his faded blue eyes and responded with “thank you.”
     He was a model patient. For his enjoyment, I had tuned the television in my room to an old Western movie, but his eyes stayed closed and he remained silent through most of the appointment.  His daughter had accompanied him, and I called her back when the dentist began to do his exam. It was through her that I learned more about my patient of few words. In my chair sat a man of God who had been the pastor of  several Baptist churches throughout is life before retirement. He was also a World War II veteran.  He had literally lived his life for God and Country. What an honor had been mine without even knowing it!
     As I assisted him in exiting the chair, I looked into his eyes and said, “It seems as though we made it fine “this time.” May I please schedule you an appointment in six months for “next time.” He simply smiled, nodded, and responded “yes” to my question and to my request to give him a parting hug. “This time” with him was a moment I will always remember.  I can’t wait for “next time”– God willing.
     Speaking of time, I would be remiss if I let this moment in time pass without making this point. Time is a valuable, fragile, fleeting thing that we so often take granted, even abuse.  What if “this time,” right now was the last occasion you had to hear how much God loves you. How He sent His only Son to die a terrible death on a cross so that your sins could be forgiven and you could spend eternity in heaven with Him.  How all of this is just a prayer of forgiveness and acceptance away for any one of us, no matter who you are or what you have done. We have but to turn on the television or read our local newspaper to be reminded that death is something that happens everywhere, everyday to people who had no inkling of its impending arrival.  For those people, there is no next time.  None of us is promised another day, another hour in this world.  What if  today happened to be your “last time” to make this decision and there is no “next time?” What would you do if postponement were not an option? Why consider deferring the joy, the glory that your Heavenly Father has in store for you? What are you waiting for…?
 To God Be The Glory!

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