Free Indeed!

  On my way home from work Friday while stopped at a traffic light, a butterfly captured my attention and brought a smile to my face. My weekend was officially off to a good start!  As I waited for the traffic light to turn green, I followed the flight of this large black and yellow swallowtail butterfly.  My delight turned to dismay as I watched it fly through the open door of a business next to my idling car. Upon entering the building, the poor thing became disoriented and was repeatedly flying into the large glassed in storefront trying to escape. It could see where it wanted to go, but it didn’t know how to get there. My first thought was to pull into the parking area of the store and offer my assistance, yes, to the butterfly! However, I was caught in the flow of five o’clock traffic and did not put forth the extra effort it would have taken. I was consoled only by the fact that the other side of the store also had an open door. Surely, I thought, it would find its way to freedom. I was heartsick to see such beauty trapped and at risk of demise.  
     Do you see yourself anywhere in that scenario, feeling trapped though exits are available, disoriented and beating yourself against a proverbial plate glass window searching for freedom?  The most disturbing thing is that the answer to that question is “yes” for many Christians. Perhaps you are one of them, feeling trapped when you are “free indeed.” John 8:36 says, “So if the Son has set you free, you will be free indeed.” Are you feeling it?  If not why?

     Why do we try to take away what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross and imprison ourselves once again? It is simply self-imposed punishment. The glass ceiling of sin was shattered for us on the cross by the blood of Jesus. We are free to fly, and live, and experience joy in our lives because of Him. So gather your thoughts, center them on Jesus, and make your way toward the open door of freedom He has provided for you. Fly and let your beauty shine! And if you choose not to, I pray that God will send someone who will take time in the congested traffic of life to show you to the  open door and the clear blue sky.  To God Be the Glory!

Please give this song a listen and be reminded that you are a child of the One True King!

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