Insights from God In a Field of Sunflowers (Part 6)

     At long last we have arrived at the final post from the sunflower field, and it is, as most, derived from a picture that appears repetitively in my collection of photographs. For the production of the fruit, that being the sunflower seeds, pollination must occur in sunflowers. As in many other instances in nature, the pollination of these plants is carried out by bees which can always be found busy at work each year that I visit. They are an integral part of the process. Without their help there would be no seeds formed, no supply of food for hungry birds, for people to enjoy, for industry to use. These flowers would have no purpose beyond existing and making the world a prettier place for a short time.  God had a bigger objective in mind for sunflowers, and he provided bees for its fulfillment.
     Now follow me. Though we do not fly and buzz about as bees do, we share in a similar pursuit of “pollinating” this world on behalf of Jesus.  For the time we are here, we have a duty and opportunity to spread the love and word of God to those standing in the field around us as well as those in fields far away. As bees spread the pollen so that sunflowers can complete their job of making seeds, our sharing God’s word brings people to fruitfulness and joy in the Lord. The cool part about this is that both bees and flower benefit from cross pollination. The pollen gathered by the bees is also used to benefit the feeding and building of their colonies as well as the production of honey with honey bees. I believe that in doing God’s work we also benefit as we grow stronger in His love and our faith. That spills over into our families, our lives as we allow Him to use us.  

     Do not become discouraged in your attempts to “pollinate” God’s fields with the message of His love. You will encounter those who are fully open and ready to receive the words you bring.  God has prepared their hearts and “and the fields are ripe already unto harvest.”  (John 4:35) Just as surely, you will come in contact with those whose hearts are closed, hardened from hurt, not ready to listen, or unable to hear (Matthew 13:3-23).  For those you leave the field prayerfully, trusting God to do His work in their lives.  You have done as He has asked. You have been the hands and feet of Jesus as you passed through the field. God bless you!
     I have shared with you previously that each year my goal is to take the perfect sunflower picture. I have yet to adequately capture their perfect, God-made countenance. Each picture seems to somehow fall short. Thank you for patiently following me through this series.  Each part was written as God provided. As these flowers in one stage follow the sun, I pray your life’s journey leads you to follow God’s SON. To God Be the Glory!


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