A Life Balanced by God

     I recently had the pleasure of photographing a hot air balloon festival hosted by our town. This was my second time to photograph such an event, and thankfully I was a bit more calm this time. My first photo-op years ago found me jittery due to the excitement of it all, like a child who had eaten too much sugar. How often does an occasion like this present itself!
     Something that I have learned from both of these events is that the flight of the balloons rests precariously on the weather, most importantly the wind speed. Too much wind, and the balloons are unable to fly. Little to no wind, and the balloons are equally grounded. I laughingly told one of the pilots that the devil is in the details.  During the festival, both scenarios presented themselves. On the night of the tethered balloon glow, a storm in close proximity brought high winds and lightning, which caused the deflation and storing away of the balloons. The following morning under the cloudless, amazingly blue skies, an attempt at flight was again inhibited.  However, this time it was due to a lack of wind. Though all the balloons ascended, a few caught a good breeze and were able to stay in the air for a short time. The remainder made the majestic climb into the sky followed by a graceful descent due to the lack of air current to propel them upward and onward.

     On one hand there was too much of something and on the other hand there was too little with wind being the culprit in this case. There existed a need for a delicate balance to achieve the most desirable outcome. How often has the scale been tipped one way or the other in the balancing of our lives with its series of  “too much or too little?”  Too much work and not enough time spent with the children. Too little time spent in intimate moments of prayer with my Heavenly Father. Too much time being religious. Too little time being a witness for God outside the church doors. Too much time focusing on my selfish wants, desires, and pain. Too little time easing the pain of others.  Too much of me…too little of God.

   The pictures of these balloons show the beauty that is possible when there is balance. Though some were aloft for only a short time, it was a breathtaking sight to behold. Can you imagine the tranquility experienced by those who were riding, suspended in a cloudless, blue sky? Can you imagine how finding balance in your own life can bring with it a similar sense of harmony and peace?  And what would this search look like?  I believe that it would start with figuratively leaving your balloon rolled up in the truck, not airing it up until you had received flight instructions from the head pilot, Jesus.  He has the flight plan, but we have to check in for directions and be willing to follow the course He has charted for our lives. In Him, we find balance and avoid the self-inflicted extremes which turn our lives into a roller coaster ride. In that balance, the storms will come. The lack of wind may halt much longed for changes, but peace persists because God is in control. He loves us so. Of that we must be certain, grounded.  Examine your life, your priorities, or lack thereof and ask Jesus to help you find a balance that would be pleasing to Him. There you will find peace and joy! To Go Be the Glory!

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