I Trust In Jesus

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Today, I would like to share this song with you that applies to us all. It includes those of us Christians thinking we will never be good enough to stand before our Heavenly Father because of our shortcomings, feeling the need to work our way into God’s “good graces.” We refuse to accept that the grace of God is all we will ever need. We do not move one step closer to heaven in our own merit.

This song is for someone, anyone who feels they have crossed a line where they will forever be unable to receive enough forgiveness from God or be acceptable to Him. Why even step into His presence and ask for forgiveness…too much water under the bridge…a lost cause.

Please understand salvation is not about our past sins, present works or future  failings.  Salvation is about God’s son, Jesus, paying our debt when he was nailed to the cross. It is about believing, about faith, and about trust in the one whose blood covers all our sins. It is knowing that one day in heaven as we stand before God all that will matter is our trust in Jesus.

This song so beautifully conveys that message. To God be the Glory!



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