Including Jesus In the Journey

FullSizeRenderHave you ever gone to the grocery store or Walmart, picked up a shopping cart at the entrance, and about twenty feet out realized that you have a bum cart?  Either it makes this horrible noise or it doesn’t roll smoothly to the point that it takes an extra effort to maneuver it through the store.

However, you think you can handle it.  No need to take the time to go back for an improved version.  Besides, you don’t have much to shop for anyway.  You’ll be done before the malfunction gets under your skin too terribly.

Then, as you begin to place items into the cart,  the problem worsens with the added weight.  Oh, well… Too late to turn back now.  Would be even more time-consuming at this point.  Must forge ahead, grit your teeth, and deal with it.

Does that shopping cart perhaps represent your life’s journey? With the rising of the sun, you roll out of bed and start pushing your cart. Some mornings you find it particularly hard to push, but you don’t take the time to remedy the situation. As the day progresses, the fatigue and stress of the faulty cart becomes overwhelming. You are ready to scream, but, instead, you grit our teeth and forge ahead.

Could this all have been remedied with a little extra time taken at the beginning of the day to get your cart all shored up and readied for its journey.  The best tools for that job could be found in time spent with God and in His word The Bible.

The weight of problems and trials that could be removed from the cart and placed at the feet of God would certainly make for a lighter load. And all that awful noise which sometimes brings you to your breaking point surely must be the taunting whispers of Satan condemning you with every step.

Satan wants you to think that you are stuck with this pitiful, broken cart of a life and that you just have to deal with it. Why would you even expect it to roll more smoothly? You don’t deserve better cart…life. You have broken this one and you just have to deal with it now!

WRONG!! Do not listen to those lies. See them for what they are and from whom they came. God has given His only Son for our sin so that we could have life and have it to the full.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10)

Time to shove that old worn out, troublesome cart to the side and ask God for a new one. Now, sometimes even the best cart may struggle, but you don’t have to push it alone.  God will be there by you helping you. He will never leave your side, and He will always only love you.  Whew! That will make for a more peaceful, less exhausting trek through life! Try it, my Friend!  To God Be the Glory!


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