God’s Beauty In Every Day Things

IMG_7282As you can see from the photo, I have not mastered the art of nighttime photography, but I had to share this moment with you. The weekend is ending.  Time to go to bed and wake up to a new week.  The reflection of the full moon shining off the lake behind my house lured me outside to check out the night sky as I was locking up for the night.

The moon is at peak fullness and the clouds drifting in the sky seemed to purposefully frame the beauty of its brightness. From the reflection off the water, I could see the silhouettes of two deer eating the corn left behind by the ducks earlier in the day. It was just one of those moments in time when everything stops for a moment and you drink up the beauty of God’s handiwork, feeling as though He had planned this scene especially for you.

That beauty is present every day from the moment you open your eyes until you close them at night. Tonight God had this beautiful masterpiece finished just in time for me to see His hand-crafted beauty at the close of my day.  Don’t miss this in your daily lives.  These are the moments that calm our souls, that enable to experience God in such a real and beautiful way.

Prayers that your week will begin well, that you will make time for God, and that you will see His beauty throughout your day. To God Be the Glory!

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